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Spray Drying

Can I use a Spray Dryer by myself?

At first look, a Spray Dryer can seem like it requires a team to use. However, LabPlant UK’s Spray Dryer’s are suitable for solo use, saving Research and Development centres time and energy.

Labplant UK is an internationally renowned laboratory equipment manufacturer. In 2022 they won “most reliable laboratory spray dryer manufacturer” in the Northern Enterprise awards, solidifying their reputation as world leaders in quality.

Their Spray Dryers are complemented with glassware and accessories, so there’s no need to buy any additional Spray Drying accessories after purchase.


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Spray Drying Made Simple for British Science Week

British Science Week is back!

Running from the 8th to the 17th March, 2024, you can get involved in events dedicated to STEM throughout – have a quick look HERE to get inspired.

We’re a big advocate of empowering interest in Science and the Natural World. LabPlant is the UK’s main Spray Dryer manufacturer for resale, and we’re dedicated to making Spray Drying accessible by offering Spray Dryer trials.

To commemorate British Science Week, we’ve simplified the Spray Drying process in a quick guide. Find more information on an incredibly bespoke piece of Laboratory equipment here…Read More »Spray Drying Made Simple for British Science Week