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Labplant UK

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Spray Dryers

Established in the 1960s, LabPlant manufactures laboratory-scale Spray Dryers, shipping them internationally and locally to countless institutions and research facilities. LabPlant offers a wide range of accessories to complement our all-in-one Spray Dryer solutions. Plus, we can tailor our Spray Dryers to your unique requirements.

All our Spray Dryers are supplied with glassware and accessories as standard – there’s no need to buy any additional Spray Dryer accessories or add-ons! 

We never stop learning. We are constantly developing our UK Spray Dryer units based on feedback from our ever-expanding global customer base.

Spray Drying has never been simpler – our units can be set up and run by a single operator. We supply units for both aqueous and solvent-based solutions, giving almost limitless applications to produce free-flowing powder samples using our machines.

We also offer UK Spray Dryer Trials and Test Runs on small batch products, in addition to conducting more extensive trials to confirm methodologies, such as the product capability for Spray Drying. We welcome those who are having their products tested to visit us and view the process for themselves. We also accept Spray Drying samples internationally for trial, provided they are non-hazardous. 

Highlights of our machines:

  • Reliable and maintenance free

  • Setup and run in under 10 mins.

  • Customizable features

  • Borosilicate glass shows the process running.

  • Proven performance with thousands of machines globally

  • Accessories and glassware are always in stock

Please open the below brochure for a list of all glassware and accessories for our spray dryer range.

If there is a part you wish to enquire about that is NOT on the above PDF, such as a Wet Scrubber, contact us:

Spray Dryers

    Spray Dryer Powder

    Some examples of the product categories our Spray Dryer units are used in are:

    • Beverages, Milk & Egg Products
    • Plant & Vegetable Extracts
    • Agriculture
    • Pharmaceuticals, Soaps & Detergents
    • Heat Sensitive Materials
    • Plastics, Polymers, Resins and Oxides
    • Perfumes
    • Flavourings
    • Ceramics & Advanced Materials


    The SD Basic Spray Dryer

    A simple and effective entry-level laboratory scale spray dryer, as at home in Universities for training as it is in research and development industries.

    • Efficient, accurate PID control
    • Aqueous-based solutions only.
    • Designed specifically for training, research, and pre-production trials.
    • Basic, simple, and straightforward to use.
    • Optional upgrade available to include an automatic de-blocker, which clears the atomiser with no need for supervision.

    Automatic DeBlocking Upgrade

    NEW for 2024

    LabPlant UK is pleased to introduce the Auto De-Blocker for the SD-Basic Spray Dryer. Available as an upgrade for all new SD-Basic units, the Automatic De-Blocker allows users autonomous set-up, and mitigates the chance of blocks, allowing your aqueous operations to run as smoothly as possible. For a free quote, click the button above. 

     SD-Basic Spray Dryer

    The SD 06 Spray Dryer

    The perfect all-in-one research solution, capable of running aqueous and solvent-based solutions. Designed specifically for research and pre-production trials.

    • Efficient, clear touchscreen
    • PLC controlled
    • Capable of running aqueous and solvent-based solutions
    • Spray drying of temperature-sensitive products
    • Easily adaptable for dual cyclone high-yield use
    • Automatically unblocks atomiser 
    • A chemically resistant 316-grade stainless steel casing
    • IP65 rated

    SD 06 Spray Dryer