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Labplant UK

Tel:+44 (0) 1723 892262


We are specialists in analytical laboratory instrumentation and supplies for the aviation, automotive, biofuel, military, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, paint and marine industries, we are also the world leader in the manufacture and supply of laboratory spray dryers.

The instruments we supply will test a wide variety of parameters of your (Petro) chemical product. These range from the testing of viscosity, distillation, corrosion, sediment, oxidation, vapour pressure, density, cold filter plugging point, cloud point, pour point, freeze point, aviation fuel tube deposit rating, stability testing up to flash point. To name just a few.

Bitumen                                                            BRAND: Shanghai Geological Equipment, HK Petroleum

Cold Properties                                               BRAND: Orbis 

Colour Measurement                                    TYPE: Colourimeter (R-Rite) & Spectrophotometers (Agilent’s Cary Units)                                                  

Condition Monitoring                                    BRAND: Normalab, Omnitek, Orbis

Crude Oil                                                          BRAND: Normalab, Omnitek, Orbis

Distillation                                                        BRAND: Pilodist

Flash Point                                                       BRAND: Normalab, Omnitek, Orbis

Freeze Dryer                                                    BRAND: Frozen In Time

Fuels                                                                  BRAND: Normalab, Omnitek, Orbis

Lubricating Oil                                                 BRAND: Normalab, Omnitek, Orbis

Residual Fuel                                                   BRAND: Normalab, Omnitek, Orbis

Sampling                                                          TYPE: Vampire pump (BRAND: SGS Analytics)

Titrator                                                             BRAND: Aquamax

Viscosity                                                           BRAND: Normalab, Omnitek, Orbis