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Labplant UK

Tel:+44 (0) 1723 892262

Scientific Glassware

Working in partnership with renowned scientific and technical glassblowers, LabPlant offers a vast range of glass-based goods.

From standard laboratory glass and beakers to specialised, high-precision custom glassware, LabPlant can cater for all your laboratory glass needs.

LabPlant Glassware Overview

Working with borosilicate glass (Pyrex) and quartz, LabPlant UK provides glass-to-metal seals, sintered glass and graduation labelling, badging, and special arborizing on glass. They also offer alternate services such as glass cutting, polishing and grinding.

At LabPlant, we can work from a simple sketch to a Computer Aided Design [CAD] drawing. 

Our team are happy to conduct visits to mainland UK businesses to gain a greater awareness of your needs, and how we can offer a bespoke design service to meet them.

This is the standard glassware we supply. Click each one for more details.

Laboratory Glass Repairs

LabPlant UK can help provide tailored repairs to your Laboratory glassware. For smaller instruments, like vials or reaction vessels, take a picture, email it over, and LabPlant will be able to confirm whether or not it is possible to repair. For instrumentation that is unable to be repaired, LabPlant may be able to help create a new design subject to your specifications and measurements.

Need a glassware repair? LabPlant also offers a DROP AND COLLECT repair service. For non-urgent pieces of glassware, put your broken or fractured pieces in an empty box, and notify us once this is full. We’ll then collect, repair, and drop back off. 

If your consumables are easily broken and you’re always ordering stock, we reccomend one of our contracts or open order arrangements – we can provide consumables on a monthly, quarterly, or rotating basis, mitigating the risk of you being short a tube for tests and preventing the need to constantly raise purchase orders.

Scientific Glassware Repairs

Spray Dryer Glass

LabPlant UK’s Spray Dryers come fully equipped with all the necessary glassware. With the option to purchase an additional spares kit, to mitigate the risk of down-time in the event of any wild cracks or fractures, it’s never been easier to assemble a Spray Dryer.

The quality borosilicate glass helps clearly show the status of the Spray Drying process, eliminating apprehension about the status of your spray drying run. For an additional spares kit, email