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LabPlant Refrigerated Chillers

LabPlant Chillers are a staple in laboratories across the United Kingdom and abroad. Originating more than 40 years ago before their development at LabPlant, the Refrigerated Immersion Probes are an essential tool in research and testing facilities across the globe.

Continually evolving to match ever-modernising industry requirements, LabPlants Refrigerated Immersion Probes are ideal for rapidly cooling liquids to low temperatures.  Our Chillers are suitable for use with Charpy Impact Testing baths, which we also supply. The Probes eliminate dangerous handling and storage and are compatible with unique and routine laboratory procedures. These are inclusive of metals testing, rotary evaporation, low-temperature material fracture tests, thermometer calibration, tundra plant germination experiments, electronic components testing, and trap cooling.

With the option of three standard Probes (Standard Flexible, Long Flexible, and Short Rigid) in addition to custom probes for unique requirements, the Chillers are a compact, and reliable cooling solution, suitable for a range of scientific applications. The Cooling Probes are user-friendly and straightforward to operate. All four types of Chillers are simple to use, with controlled or uncontrolled units available.

Labplant UK Immersion Probes Brochure

All components for our manufactured machines are sourced as locally as possible, upholding and uplifting great British manufacturing and engineering – with LabPlant Chillers being no exception! Our estimated lead time on receipt of a Purchase Order is typically six weeks, but this can always vary.

LabPlant UK HC100 Chillers can now hit -100°C, after continuous development, and come with twelve month’s warranty.  Our previous units, such as the RP, are no longer viable for repairs, due to unavailable gasses. Our design has evolved to be a lot more eco-conscious, with the gasses upgraded to more environmentally friendly variations. If you have an old model, don’t worry – we also offer a competitive Trade-In scheme. Simply send your old model to us for recycling, and we’ll provide a discount on a new unit for you. Competitor Units are also valid for this scheme.

The new Chillers feature spark-proofed electrics, reinforced probes with anti-kink springs, improved mobility and enhanced cooling capabilities. The controlled chillers (the HC60CD and the HC100CD) have digital PID controllers and temperature probes, controlling temperature by adjusting the refrigerant flow to the cooling probe using a solenoid valve. The non-controlled HC60 and controlled HC60CD have a cooling time of 2 hours, with the HC100 and HC100CD Immersion Probes having a cool time of fewer than 4 hours. Two litres of continuously stirred methanol in an insulated Dewar Vessel is the methodology for this.

A summary of the Cooling Process is that before switching the unit on, firstly immerse the Probe in a Dewar Vessel / Thermos Flask (or another well-insulated container), which holds the suitable liquid or solvent. Good examples of this are methanol, ethanol, trichloroethylene, etc. If using PID Controller Versions (CD), set the controller to the required temperature, and immerse the PT100 Sensor. Thirdly and finally, we recommend the liquid be continually stirred in synchronisation with all units to achieve optimum temperature stability.

We also provide overhead stirrers, extra temperature probes, and other laboratory instrumentation to assist your set-up and additional research endeavours.

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