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Welcome to our new LabPlant UK site.

Trading for more than 55 years, Lab Plant UK is an internationally renowned Laboratory Equipment and Bespoke Glassware Manufacturer. Winner of “Most Reliable Laboratory Spray Dryer Manufacturer” in the Northern Enterprise Awards 2022, our made in the UK Spray Dryers, Chillers and glass are world leaders in quality.

Offering responsible and swift Laboratory procurement services, LabPlant also offers Calibrations, Contracts and Servicing to a diverse array of organisations.

Based in Yorkshire, we source as locally and as eco-consciously as we can, and have developed a wide-ranging product portfolio, including the following:

Lab Equipment:

Autoclaves, Balances, Basins, Baths, Burners, Chillers, Circulators, Cleaning Supplies, Dataloggers, Detergents, Disinfectants, Dishes, Glass Washers, Hotplate Stirrers, Hydrometers, Incubators,  Liquid Handling equipment, Mixers, Ovens, Refrigerated Immersion Probes, Sample Preparation tools, Sampling sieves, Sampling tools, Shakers, Spray Dryers, Stands, Stirrers, Thermometers, Trays, Tubes, UV Lamps, Vials, Water Purification equipment.

Bespoke Glassware:

Beakers, Bespoke Glassware, Bottles, Burettes, Jacketed Vessels, Jars and Jugs, Vials.

Food, Drink and Brewing:

Calibration Standards, Cleaning Solutions, pH Meters, Portable pH Meter, Refractometers, Tanks, Turbidity Meter.

Analytical Testing Instrumentation

ASTM Standards, Botanicals, Crude Oil Distillation, Distillation Controller, Distillation and Pilot Plants, Extraction, Thin-Film Evaporation, Vapour Liquid Equilibrium.

Reference Materials and Standards:

Acid Number AN Standards, Base Number BN Standards, Bath Media, Certified Ethanol Standards, Certified Reference Materials, Check Oils, Cold Crank Simulator Standards, Colour Standards, Conductivity Standards, Cone and Plate Standards, Custom Blends, Density Standards, Flash Point Standards, Flow Cup Standards, Gels, High-Temperature Viscosity Standards, Laboratory Reagents, Low-Temperature Viscosity Standards, Medical Viscosity Standards, Mineral Oil Rotational Standards, Multi-Parameters, Pure Water Density, , Refractive Index and Density Multi-Parameter Certified Reference Materials, Refractive Index Standards, Silicone Rotational Standards, Single and Multi SETA Verification Materials, Smoke Point Reference Fuel Blends, Sulfur Certified Reference Materials, Sulfur in Heavy Mineral Oil, Sulfur in Kerosene, Sulfur in Light Mineral Oil, Sulfur in Synthetic Diesel, Synthetic Sea Water, Viscosity Standards.

Lab Consumables:  

Bags, Chromatography, Disposable Tubes, Eye protection, Eyewash, Films,  Filtration equipment, Foils, Glove boxes, Gloves, Hearing protection, Labelling Solutions, Masks, Multiwall plates, Pipette Tips, Respirators, Single-Use Containers, Skin-Protection and Care, Spill Kits, Surgical Supplies, Tissue Culture

Water Testing:  

COD & BOD, Environmental Sampling, Flocculation Equipment, Microbiological Water Testing Equipment, Process Measurement, Pure Water Viscosity Reference Standards, Turbidity, Water Disinfection, Water Testing Multi-Parameter Meters, Water Testing Reagents.

At LabPlant UK, we provide tailored solutions for Scientific Equipment needs. We offer a bespoke service, working with you to ascertain your requirements, and are able to help you create the perfect solution for your work.

If there’s anything you can’t find on our Website and would like more information about, please contact us direct at for more details on products, contracts, calibrations and lead times.